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First Reformed Church was born in the closing years of the 19th century as a mission to the Ostfrisian immigrants to America. Originally meeting in homes under the pastoral leadership of Ramsey Reformed Church pastors Daniel Schaefer and Jacob Huenemann, the group held services upstairs in the old hardware store on the west side of N. Main Street.


Originally known as the First German Reformed Church of Buffalo Center, the name was legally changed as we approached our centennial in 1993. For over a century, the congregation has sought to be a stable force of faith in a changing world so full of doubts. We have been served by only eight pastors in these years beginning with Rev. L. Watermuelder in 1899 through our present pastor, Rev. William Peake. First Reformed Church seeks to be a congregation of the community and will be found cooperating with neighboring congregations in ecumenical worship, Vacation Bible School, youth ministry, our local food pantry and ministry to the residents of our local nursing home. We are proud of our heritage, our stability and in awe of the grace of God for all the changing days ahead.


You are invited to share our life together, our ministry and our dreams which you'll find outlined in the links on this website.

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