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What do Operation Christmas Child kids like about their shoebox gifts?

Read these kids’ responses:


The toothbrush….because they usually share 1 toothbrush with everyone in the orphanage.


The toy…because they always wanted one, but knew their parents couldn’t afford one.


The colorful underwear…because they wore used and grayed underwear, in a drab, colorless orphanage.


The shoes…because in the cold snow they wore old worn out, too small shoes tied together with wire.


The pencil and paper….because now they were allowed to go to school. 


The sewing kit….because a 10-14 year old girl can be a seamstress and therefore avoid human trafficking. 


The shoebox…because after outgrowing everything in the box, they never outgrew the box and have kept it for over 16 years.


The giver (You).…because the shoebox may be the only gift they EVER get & they know they are loved by someone, somewhere. 


The stories of Jesus….because they learn about the love of Jesus and learn there is a God who LOVES THEM! 


What do Operation Christmas Child kids like about their shoebox gifts?  EVERYTHING!


What can you share?  Your Operation Christmas Child packing day at First Reformed is November 16th. 

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